Why Do I Support German Angora Rabbit Rearing

August 15, 2017



A hill station is a perfect place to visit isn't it?? but after visiting all those tourist points and places, trekking and jungle safaries, do we even stop for a moment to think, what could be the continuous source of earning for the people living there.

An eco sensitive zone, where industries cannot be set up, where forest cannot be cut for wood, where agricultural farms are not too big, what else could be done to sustain the population?

Well the answer could be ANIMAL HUSBANDRY, which is eco friendly, sustainable and continuous. But that too isn't easy with visitors around.

Different people have different opinions, according to some people ANIMAL HUSBANDRY invites ANIMAL CRUELTY. The other day when I just posted about our rabbit farm, I received a comment on my post reading about a video shared by PETA on the atrocities committed on the rabbits somewhere (location unknown) and  questioning me why do I support angora rabbit rearing?

Sadly, animal cruelty is something that could happen to any animal at any place in the whole world, but to judge other people engaged with the same work, on the same scale would be unjust.




Mount Abu has been declared as an eco sensitive zone, which means, industries that could pollute the environment or would affect the flora and fauna cannot be set up, forests cannot be cut and agricultural farmlands are not too big.

In short, there is no continuous source of income for the underpriviliged. Angora Rabbit farming is one of the projects that provides a continuous source of income to the people here.

It lives for 6-7 years approximately and it yields  about 200-250 gms of wool per shearing in evey 3 months. The harvesting of the wool or fur from the rabbit is done by clipping (with the help of scissors ). None, of the rabbits are killed or subjected to cruelty in the procedure of the harvesting of its wool.

After which the wool collected is processed and spun into yarn that is used for the manufacturing of various woolens using handlooms( at our place).










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