Weaving a dream!

January 8, 2018


Handloom sector in India has been the second largest source of employment to the rural population  after agriculture, but, introducing the sector where it has never been done in the past years has been quite a challenge.


Handlooms as a source of employment was a new concept for the people in Mount Abu initially, and was arduous to introduce the sector as a promoter. But, as they say, that patience bears sweet fruit, the locals started to trust and accept the handlooms as an additional as well as an alternative employment.




Hand crafted products are known for its uniqueness and finesse, and so are the Angora woolens. What could be better than promoting the sector by buying more of hand crafted products and not only appreciating the efforts put in by a weaver( or artist, to frame in better words) but also contributing to giving them a better life.



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