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Dyeing wool with Food colors!!

February 9, 2018

Colors not only define one's personality moreover, they are the core of one's fashion statement. Wool can be dyed with a variety of colors like acidic colors, all purpose dye(RIT) or food colors. The process is simple and gives great results. 



The (un-dyed) yarn or fabric is soaked in warm water with vinegar for 25-30 minutes, the yarn should be soaked completely and vinegar should be 1/4 cup for every 100 grams of yarn.( Vinegar acts as an activator which helps the wool to retain the color).



In a pot of water mixed with vinegar, add a few drops of the food color you want, and mix it well, now put the vinegar soaked fabric or yarn in the pot and heat it slowly. When the water is almost boiling, bring the pot down from the flame and let it cool, remember to stir the wool lightly after small intervals, so that the color will not concentrate on a particular area and create blotches. You will see that the water becomes clear because the entire color is soaked by the fabric.



Drain the water from the pot and remove the fabric and leave it to set for 12 hours, then rinse the excess color off and spread the fabric on a flat board to dry. 




 Now you are set to wear the color of your choice... Stay tuned for more such posts..


Thank You!! 






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