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The Small Business Saga..

October 19, 2018


Small business falls under the INFORMAL SECTOR that employs close to 90% of the workers. Informal, because of its structure, financial status and the inability to provide for social and financial security to its dependents.

Talking about the HANDLOOM SECTOR, it is the 2nd largest employer in the INFORMAL WING, is often over shadowed by the Big Shows that claim to be HANDLOOM SUPPORTIVE, these small units lack the reach to media and direct markets and are also unaware of the benefits available and so they are considered to have a BLEAK FUTURE and absolute no GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES for the people associated with them.

But I disagree with these notions as I can see the RAY OF HOPE in the BLEAK, the lives of the ones associated can be transformed. Although we are not decorated with attractive posters and fancy lights, but we do have Genuine Art embellished with emotions, filled with hope.
Yes, 1 person, 1 project and a little support can make a difference in the lives of the dependents.

Let us shop for cause.

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