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December 8, 2018


"I have been duped!" said, one of our visitors. Even before I could ask him, he continued, " I shopped from a store yesterday, that claimed to have some hand crafted items from your workshop". Both of us felt sorry for him and he left..

To be honest, this is not just one person who said that he had been duped.

FAKE HAND CRAFTS CULTURE is a very common thing that the industry is facing, because of which genuine hand crafters suffer.

So, how do you identify the original from the fake.. Although it is difficult, but a little awareness and a few tricks could help.

1) Marks like HANDLOOM MARK, WOOL MARK, PURITY OF SILK, CRAFTMARK, LICENSES issued by GOVT. AGENCIES, are a symbol of authenticity.. You could ask the seller to provide for these marks or license.

2) On careful observation, you could spot tiny imperfections in the craft, that prove its hand made. For example, in hand woven fabric you could actually spot uneven weaving of cloth..

3) Google and a little research about the product that is being sold could save you from being a victim.

It becomes difficult to differentiate the fake from original because they look like replicas of each other, adding to the suffering of the genuine crafters.

So, I would like to recommend that you purchase such crafts directly from workshops or craftsmen, this would not only save your money but also give you a genuine piece of work.

Lets shop for cause and shop from small.

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